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Are You Trojan Tough?

Our first Trojan Challenge was a great Success! Test Yourself and your competitive skills on a grueling Obstacle course that has been designed and tested by some of the most elite special operations soldiers in the U.S. Army.

This cross country style course is filled with large and small obstacles that will require strength, skill, determination and no fear. Each registrants will receive an official Trojan Challenge T-Shirt at registration and earn a distinctive medal when you complete the course.

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The 2019 Trojan Challenge

We Need Your Help 

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Trojan In Training Course

Why should the hard-core competitors have all the fun? 

We will have a specially designed Trojan In Training Obstacle Course for ages  8-80. This course will be a confidence builder and personnel will be on the course to assist.  This course will have some of the same tough obstacles at a lower level,  but will have a fun time getting challenged, dirty and tired.

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Sat, October 19, 2019 @ 7:30 am

The Gary Weller Mission

The Gary Weller Foundation is formed by a group of former players, students, faculty and friends of Coach Gary Weller. The purpose of our foundation is to raise scholarship funds for rising seniors at Pine Forest High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


Coach Weller spent 14 years as a football coach at Pine Forest and was not only a coach, but a father, a mentor and sometimes the most stable adult in some of his players lives. Gary met his own test when an unstable person who stole a vehicle and maliciously targeted unsuspecting people and tried to maim and kill them. Unfortunately, Gary was jogging down the road that day and was violently injured. Not expected to recover, Gary survived by his sheer will, the support and love of his family and the prayers of an entire community. Although confined to a wheelchair, Gary is still the positive person, the eternal optimist and forever, the coach.

This page is not about Gary, but more about the positive influences and people that can influence those around us. Our foundation is created to raise scholarship money to rising seniors at Pine Forest High School, who have faced adversity, and won.

Thanks to Gary Weller for his courage, his positive attitude and his friendship to all of us and his community.

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