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  • Can I do The Trojan Challenge?
    You cannot go from the "Couch to the Challenge!" The Trojan Challenge is a tough course with many Tier I obstacles that challenge even the most veteran competitors. Our goal is to challenge every person to overcome the obstacles that are on the course. We have designed the course to have obstacles that are tough, but can be conquered by the person who just wants to challenge themselves. We have steps and platforms on most obstacles to assist competitors to complete the obstacle. The Trojan Challenge is not a timed event. It is a confidence event. During the first Trojan Challenge we had competitors from 7 years old to 70.
  • What if I cannot complete an obstacle?
    Its OK! This course is tough and with test the best. If you cannot complete an obstacle the first time, watch some others and lend a hand. The Trojan Challenge is also a Team Event and it is expected that competitors help each other. If you still are not comfortable, you can by this obstacle and prepare for the next!
  • What sort of Obstacles and what exactly is a Cross Country style course?
    Let me show you......:
  • What is the "Trojan In Training" Course"
    The Trojan In Training Course is a course designed for competitors who do not feel sure they are ready to tackle The Trojan Challenge course. This course will have some of the same obstacles as the main course, but with some obstacles that are less intimidating than some of the larger obstacles. Still lots of fun and challenging.
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